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Verizon-Wireless Prepaid Cellphone Refill Card

Terms and Conditions
  • The card is valid for use with Verizon Pay-as-You-Go Phones.
  • This pin can be used to [REUP], not start, Verizon wireless prepaid service.
  • $15 pin expires in 30 days from activation date.
  • $30 pin expires in 60 days from activation date.
  • Balance will be carried over if new card is purchased and added to account.
  • Card is non-refundable, non-returnable or exchangeable.
  • No cash or surrender value.

  • By using service you agree to be bound by Verizon terms/conditions.
Customer Service
Verizon-Wireless: *611 SEND or 1-866-837-3387

Payment questions only:
Activation Instructions
  • Dial #729 SEND from your prepaid phone or 1-800-821-8989.
  • Enter 10 digit phone number.
  • Enter pin.

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