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Cingular Prepaid Cellphone Refill Card

Terms and Conditions
  • The card is valid for use with GoPhones:
    Pay-As-You-Go, KIC, Cingular Prepaid, Free2Go service.
  • Server subject to KIC prepaid terms/conditions.

  • $15 pin expires in 30 days from activation date.
  • $25 pin expires in 90 days from activation date.
  • Account balance forfeited at expiration date.
  • If account has zero balance for 60 days after expiration, it will be terminated.

  • Card is non-refundable, non-returnable or exchangeable.
  • No cash or surrender value.
Customer Service
Cingular: 1-800-901-9878

Payment questions only:
Activation Instructions
  • Dial 611 from your cellphone
    Dial 1-800-361-1265 from other phones
    Dial #777 if-CA, NV, WA, ID or New York City customers
  • Follow the instructions to add pin value to account

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