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Prepaid calling cards
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International Prepaid Phone Cards. Long distance calling card.Calling card online.


 Prepaid international calling cards. Make a cheap international long distance call to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, India, China, Philippines


We offer the inexpensive decision for international long distance call.
Whether you are a business traveler, college student or want to stay in touch with your family abroad, the International prepaid calling cards is an excellent choice for your calling needs.You may call in any point of the world on very low cost the bridges.You may call with computer PC on phone,call with phone on phone using prepaid international calling cards for which is given PIN code.

IP telephony   this modern technology, giving client to companies alternative way interurban / international telephony by means of channel of the network Internet on low tariff. Now with appearance IP telephony you may spare on long distance call before 90 % their own money using this call international service.

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          Three simple steps to Buy calling Card

     1  You Choose country for searching for Best international calling rates!

     2  You Pay selected calling card On-line!

     3  Instant get PIN on screen of the monitor and on E-mail!



"AT&T" prepaid calling card on Sale Now!


"TravelGlobe" prepaid calling card on Sale!


SALE!  "TravelGlobe" - great card to call from overseas back to home!



NEW!  "Cardinal", "Champion" - new lower rates to many destinations!



NEW!   "Saturn" - new card with refill feature! Low Rates, Excellent Quality!



"Jupiter" card - with California Local Access numbers now!



 "CallBack" prepaid calling card!


"Partner" card - with Canada Local Access numbers now!




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Best rates prepaid international calling cards from USA. International calling  rates!


   Canada 1.9

        USA 1.0

Mexico-Mexico     City 2.7

     UK 2.0


         Russia 4.9

Japan -Tokyo 2.5

           Italy 2.4    China 2.3

       Israel 2.8               India 11.0

               Mali 15.1

        Peru 6.9

Brasil 4.9

   Angola 15.1

   Australia 2.3

    Namibia 7.9

                            Argentina 3.6




ip telephony, PC to Phone calling card  

PC-to-Phone calling card Vivaldi.

Vivaldi phone card is PC to Phone card works on the basis of IP telephony.

It is designed for local and international long distance call from personal computer PC to any phone in the world. Doesn't matter where You are calling from, rates depend on destination country only! No Fees! Online Account Management! Available all over the world!







 We accept: processes orders for international calling cards and prepaid phone cards. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


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